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Monday, August 27, 2007



These are beautiful. Her stuff is so neat.

Peggy Maier

Wow - these are so pretty! Your Julie is quite talented (I have a daughter by the same name & she is too!)


Pick me! Pick me! They will look so good in my ears....for real! Love your style in your work. Thanks for a chance.


Your daughter's jewelry is absolutely beautiful! These earrings are stunning. Thanks for sharing.


Anouk Martin

How gorgeous! Your daughter has a lot of talent!

Cindy Vernon

These are lovely. My stepdaughter would love them!


Wow! They are so beautiful! Art runs in the family! Thanks for a chance to win! I have my fingers crossed!


I love all of Julie's jewelry. She takes after her mother - very artistic and talented.

Andrea Hays

Love they earrings! They are gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!


These are so pretty. Such talent & creativity. Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize.


Hi Linda-

I would love to win these earrings. See you Wednesday!



Can I enter? What!? I never get to keep my own jewelry ;)

Thanks mom!


Love the earrings!!! Want the earrings!!! Need the earrings!!!

Melissa Roth

I'd be so thrilled to win these! I've already got the outfit picked out that I'll wear them with. I admire your daughter's talent and have bookmarked her website.


Gorgeous earrings! So much talent in one family!

Janet A.

Your daughter's jewelry is so lovely - I'd love to win this ear bling!


Very pretty. Your daughter is very talented.

Beth Norman

I love these earrings. Red, and dangly, two of my fav things.


Oooooo!! Ahhhhh!!! So pretty! Your daughter is very talented indeed!! I would love to win these earings! They are my favorite color!!!!! :-)


Gorgeous earrings! Thanks for sharing!!

Barb Lupca

Only one word is necessary: Elegant!

Cheryl B.

Take it from me-- Julie does fantastic work!!! She does what she can to make her jewelry special!! Thanks, Julie.


Wow! Gorgeous earrings.... I'm adding your daughter to my favorites on Etsy right after I post this. Thanks for the candy op!

Rose Caruso

I have the perfect outfit for these earings for the fall! Wow they will even do great for the holidays! I must look into more of her creations. Just Fab!


What a lovely prize - Please thank your daughter for us:)

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