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Monday, January 07, 2008



Those stickers are so cute and colorful. I never think to use them on a card, but wouldn't they be adorable?


How nicely decorated! Wish I would have been invited to the party ;)

I'm a stamper and always struggling with scrapbook layouts. Would be fun to use these items on a page for a change.



Fun party!
Cute giveaway.

Cathy M

The pictures are so cute. Looks like she had a great time. Love the colors of this sweet giveaway. Thanks for a chance.


Cute pictures. Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy. Have a awesome day!


I love your blog, it's one of my favorites. Thanx for the chance to win some blog candy! Have a super Monday!


I always love the way kids look when the loose teeth.. How cute is Amelia with no top teeth. Angie

Jill Gardner

What is pretty Amelia going to eat that cake with? Her teeth are gone!!! She is beautiful, too!


I have really good memories of my birthday parties when I was a child. Unfortunetly my parent's weren't into photography back then, so I don't have a lot of pictures. Amelia will be very grateful for this later.

Linda SS

Looks like Amelia had a very fun 7th birthday:) I'm going to my little granddaughter's 6th birthday on Sunday. You are right about "bouncey" kids. The party is going to be held at our local Jump & Bounce so they will be able to bounce at their hearts content:) Thanks for sharing the photos of your darling granddaughter!

LaDonna S.

The party looks like so much fun! Both of my kids have January birthdays, so I will be scrapping lots of birthday pictures! Thanks for offering the blog candy!!


ohh nice decor!!! your granddaughter is beauitful!!! thanks for sharing !


Kids' parties are so full of energy. When I was young,momma would say, "Youth is wasted on the young". And I never really understood. As a grandma, NOW I understand. :)


parties are always FUn !!!!
it can be for the very old and the very young.
however you celebrate it.
thanks for giving us a chance to win your blog candy


yay for parties! thank you for sharing the fun with us. :)


you have such an exciting life!
I am making a card tonight for my oldest's 18th birthday - ouch! Love to win those stiches - how cute are they?!

I was like a little kid waiting for you to post pics of the party. I kept coming to the site to see if you posted anything. Great party pics.

Linda Peterson

Looks like a fun party!
The stitches are really neat.

Barb Lupca

What a fun birthday party, and look at that great photo of Amelia! These are memories that will last a lifetime.


What great things for the giveaway. Looks like your grandaughter had fun. I'm guessing the craft turned out great.


Birthdays are so fun!! Thanks for the chance! :)


What fun party pictures! Love the great angles!!!

Awesome giveaway selection!


Very pretty goodies! The "stitches" look yummy! Thanks for the chance to get them!

Kim Pebley

Isn't it so much fun making them happy... most of the time it doesn't take much. What wonderful giveaway you have too! My grandson turns 4 in a couple weeks.. Spiderman here we come ..LOL
Thanks for sharing...


Wow..seems to be a fun party..!!
I wuld love getting these stamps...stickers...& that stictches ribbon..seems to be cool thing..!!

Thanx again in advance..!!

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